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Procurement academy program

Welcome to the e-learning platform for procurement and supply chain personnel training.
This program contains 6 modules which include the know-how, skills and tools that will help improve your knowledge
and achieve procurement and supply chain excellence.

Each module contains

  • A lesson accompanied by an animated text, short reminders, and knowledge assessment
  • Knowledge evaluation after each module
  • A certificate of a successfully completed module

Advantages of this professional
and efficient platform


Flexibility – you learn
whenever it suits you, it is
available 24/7, you can resume
where you left off and it is
accessible for 12 months


Personalised learning –
everybody has a different style
of learning, therefore you can
choose the dynamic of
learning as well as what and
how you want to learn


Saving time and money – by
learning from your home or
office, you reduce costs and
save time you would otherwise
spend on organised training


Environmental impact –
e-learning is a paperless way
of learning


  1. Introduction to the procurement process
  2. Procure to pay
  3. Inventory in procurement
  4. Complaints Part 1
  5. Complaints Part 2
  6. Basic KPIs in procurement
  7. Operational procurement tools
  8. Ethics in procurement

Price: €230


  1. Internal stakeholders and their requests Part 1
  2. Internal stakeholders and their requests Part 2
  3. How to write RFQ/RFI
  4. Vendor selection
  5. Basic contract negotiation
  6. Delivery Part 1
  7. Delivery Part 2
  8. Quality and quantity control
  9. Risk management

Price: €230


  1. Introduction to category management (CM)
  2. Spend analysis
  3. CM-the initiation phase
  4. CM-analysis
  5. CM-strategy development
  6. CM-strategy implementation
  7. CM and continuous improvement
  8. CM-tools

Price: €230


  1. Introduction to negotiation
  2. Procurement negotiation process
  3. Preparation for negotiation
  4. How to open negotiation?
  5. How to bargain?
  6. Closing negotiation
  7. Negotiation tips and tricks
  8. Negotiator’s characteristics
  9. Body language
  10. Game theory

Price: €250


  1. Introduction to strategic cost management for buyers
  2. Cost calculation
  3. Cost estimation (should cost)
  4. Total cost of ownership
  5. Value analysis

Price: €190


  1. Vision, mission and strategy
  2. Vendor relationship management
  3. Fraud prevention
  4. Sustainability
  5. Value management

Price: €190

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