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Supply chain recruitment in Croatia

  1. Supply chain recruitment in Croatia

Supply chain recruitment in Croatia

Cronata is your best partner for supply chain recruitment in Croatia and beyond. We professionally select talents specialized for all parts of the supply chain: warehouse, procurement, production planning, customer care, logistics.

How can we help You:

  • We define job description
  • We create the content of the contest, alone or with your help
  • We do all the stages of the selection process (from the receipt of the application to the selection in the nearest round of candidates)
  • We do the selection process just to the very least
  • We define the process of introducing staff to the company

Why choose this service:

  • Save time to carry out the selection process
  • Eliminate the influence of acquaintances
  • You get professional and external partner service

Why choose us? Because…

  • We offer personnel selection services especially for supply chain operations
  • We specialize in training and development of personnel from the supply chain area
  • We cooperate with companies and have insight into the needs, as well as the offer of staff from this area
  • We know all the processes in the supply chain and understand which competencies are needed in every part of the chain


If you need help with selecting talents for your supply chain in Croatia and Europe, please feel free to contact us!