Procurement Outsourcing in Croatia - Cronata, Your procurement partner in Croatia
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Procurement Outsourcing

  1. Procurement Outsourcing
“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Tom Peters


Cronata is a procurement consulting company in Croatia.
The concept of outsourcing legal, accounting and IT services is known today in Croatia and abroad. We offer a step forward, and this is the outsourcing of procurement. This organizational aspect should be seen as an advantage and a positive step for the company. Some steps in the development are skipped in order to save money and time for training, the development of business tools, and to save the time required to obtain experience. You can devote the time you save to the core business of the company while we are dealing with the rest.
Cronata Ltd provides following outsourcing services:

Operational purchasing service

If there are periods of increased needs in procurement, occasional projects or simply lack of experts, we offer support for a limited period. With this service, you get the expertise that Cronata has and for this service, you only pay for the time of increased need or project.

Interim Procurement manager

Your temporary procurement manager.

Inventory control

If you want an independent and professionally conducted an inventory control, we offer conducting inventory (regular and extraordinary) control. If you need additional education of members of your team for inventory, we can arrange in-house workshop to be well prepared for the inventory and how to spend it efficiently.

Suppliers audit

Extremely important is control of the production process and the security of supply by your suppliers. To ensure an independent and professional assessment of the quality of products and services that vendors provide, we offer audits at your suppliers.