Procurement Consulting - Certified Expert - Cronata, Croatia
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Procurement Consulting

  1. Procurement Consulting


In order to achieve company-defined strategy in business, it is essential that every department and process is in accordance with its objectives. One of the process, which is becoming increasingly important in achieving excellence, is certainly the procurement and inventory management.


  • Do you have problems with delays to your customer?
  • Does your production has delays because of your suppliers?
  • Do you have insight into the purchasing costs and savings that are achieved?
  • Do you have procurement plan, how you monitor and control it?
  • How much procurement plan helps in planning financial obligations?
  • Do you have defined structure procurement categories?
  • What are the risks in your supply and how to control them?
  • What is the required level of inventory in the warehouse?
  • Do you find conducting an inventory annoying?
  • Do you want to establish strategic procurement?
  • Do you measure the effectiveness of employees in achieving the objectives and whether you introduce KPI (key performance indicators)?


Cronata provides professional, objective and individual support and provide the necessary answers to the challenges that arise in the procurement and supply chain.

We provide support in the development of the procurement function, the introduction of the KPI, managing procurement categories, supplier management, defining and controlling risks in procurement, establishment of strategic procurement, defining the system of ordering, monitoring and control of inventory, warehouse organization and preparation of an inventory.