Nataša Cikač, Procurement and CRM Expert - Cronata, Croatia

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  1. Our team Nataša Cikač dipl. oec. – procurement and SCM expert

After 20 years of working in the area of ​​procurement and logistics, in the corporate environment, Nataša founded the consulting company Cronata Ltd. During her professional development she passed all stages in the procurement, from beginners to managerial positions in various industries. Because of this practical experience, she is able to provide a full support to companies that are facing challenges in procurement and inventory management.

As a consultant, Nataša works with companies from different sectors (manufacturing, construction, pharmacy, FCMG, etc.). Through education and consulting she transmits and implements new knowledge for business process improvements and thus solving challenges that clients are facing.

Nataša is a member of Croatian Association of Purchasing (CAP) and a consultant of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. She is certified for continuous improvement as Certified Continuous Improvement Manager (CCIM).


Since procurement becomes more recognized as an important function in companies, Nataša uses her experience and knowledge to improve the procurement as one of the strategically important function in every company. Her mission is to remind managers and employees that procurement creates future profits.


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